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We fulfill orders overseas. Here are the instructions to place orders in our store. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact e-mail:

If you have trouble taking orders - - Write to us - we will create order for You.



 courier DPD

- FOR SHIPPING to EU countries:
Niemcy/Germany, Austria, Wielka Brytania/Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain/Hiszpania, the Netherlands /Holandia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden/Szwecja, Węgry/Hungary, Italy/Włochy.

Other countries - please choose the form of delivery "Outside the EU".

Small items (multiple cards or sachets - no albums, boxes, cans ...)
Shipping in a small envelope - a registered letter priority - THE WHOLE WORLD - shipping price - from -  19 PLN



Payments metods:
Bank transfer


fantop details:

  • AL.Śliwowa 45b
  • 54-106 WROCLAW



Purchase Instructions for International Buyers


(If multiple products are concerned - expand the list and select the product)


press the green button "Do koszyka" = Add to basket



Choice Your country, shipping coast and payment metod

If you have finished shopping -  click green button "zamawiam" = "I order" .


if you want to continue shopping - click grey button "kontynuuj zakupy" = "continue shopping"



click button " złóż zamówienie" = place an order



Enter your contact details  and click green button "podsumowanie" = "summary"



press green button


see the order confirmation

and click "zapłać z paypal" = "pay by PAYPAL"


if you have problems - please write to us:

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